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In March 2020 a group of acupuncture practitioners are joining Hannah on a study trip around Japan learning about non-inserted needle technique and moxibustion methods. Please sign up here for more details.


Yamamori Sensei is a practitioner based in Nara, the ancient capital of Japan. He is completely blind and has been in practice for over 25 years. He will teach us non-inserted needle technique and his diagnostic methods which include abdominal diagnosis and channel palpation and the use of the extraordinary meridians.

Sasaki Sensei is a practitioner based in Tokyo, she will join us in Nagahama, the home town of moxa, to teach us the art of chinetskyu which is a type of non-scarring direct moxa. She specialises in the treatment of scars.

This study trip is inspired by my own journeys around Japan in 2017 and 2018 when I studied with different practitioners and immersed myself in the riches of Japanese culture. We will have time to explore each of the places we visit - Osaka, Nara, Nagahama and Kyoto. We will visit a moxa production company and an acupuncture museum. Both of these places help contextualise this medicine in global history, agriculture and religion.

This is a study trip for professional acupuncturists who have a sense of adventure.

To book please click here.

To book please click here.

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I am collaborating with Charlotte @balancore to run this Female Balance: Menstruation course for people who would like to learn more about nutrition, functional medicine and Chinese medicine approaches to wellbeing and making the most of your menstrual cycle. This course is geared towards people who menstruate (whether that is regular, erratic, painful or easy), aged 25-45. We will explore the energetics of your month, foods which can support you through the ebbs and flows, and traditional Chinese self care practices for different stages. It is a 4 part course and costs £98, bookings can be made at:

Course 2019/2020:

Wed 9th Oct, Wed 6th Nov, Wed 4th Dec, Wed 15th Jan

6.30 - 8.30pm